RRewards Savings Account


What is Robinsons Rewards?

Robinsons Rewards is a loyalty program where members can earn and redeem rewards points through purchases from participating Robinsons Retail stores.

What is RRewards Savings Account?

RRewards is a personal online banking account exclusive for Robinsons Rewards members and allows every member to earn points whenever you save or deposit money from your account.

Will my Robinsons Rewards membership expire?

Your membership will become inactive if you do not have at least one earn transaction at any Robinsons Rewards partners for the last twelve (12) consecutive months.

Will my Robinsons Rewards points expire?

No, your rewards points will not expire.

What will happen to my account if I do not have transactions for 1 year?

Your membership will be inactive but your rewards points will not be forfeited. You just have to make a transaction again to be able to activate your membership.

What is the points conversion for Robinsons Rewards?

Every 1 reward point is equivalent to 1 peso.

What are the reward points?

Rewards points are earned through purchases made at participating Robinsons Retail stores and merchant partners nationwide. Earning of Rewards points may vary depending on rewards points conversion.

Now, in partnerships with Robinsons Bank, members can now earn rewards points upon account opening of RRewards Savings Account and having a maintaining balance of Php5,000.00 to earn 1 reward point on your monthly ADB.


How can I open an RRewards Savings Account?

Open Robinsons Rewards App and go to the “My Coupon” tab then click the RRewards Savings Account banner. Member will be re-directed to Robinsons Bank Mobile App, if RBank Mobile App is already existing in member’s phone it will be directed to the sign-up page. If RBank Mobile App is not existing on the member’s phone, it will be directed to the Play Store, App Store or AppGallery and instruct to download first the RBank Mobile App.

Who are eligible to open an RRewards Savings account?

RRewards Savings Account is open to all Robinsons Rewards members.

Am I going to receive an email or SMS notification that I can already apply and open an RRewards Savings Account?

Some members are targeted and will receive an email or SMS notification that they can already apply or open an RRewards Savings account by clicking the link that will be provided in the message.

When will the RRewards Savings Account be available for account opening?

Account opening of RRewards Savings Account will be available on September 3, 2020. All Robinsons Rewards members may apply and open for RRewards Savings Account on September 3 onwards.

Until when is the promo for earning 10 rewards points upon initial deposit to RRewards Savings Account regardless of the amount?

Member will earn 10 rewards points for the initial deposit regardless of the amount from September 3, 2020, until October 3, 2020, only.

Is there a required minimum initial deposit upon successful account opening?

There is no required minimum initial deposit upon successful account opening of RRewards account.

Will there be an ATM/Debit Card for my RRewards Savings Account?

Yes, the account holders may opt to have a personalized ATM/Debit card for free.

How much is the replacement fee if I lost my ATM/Debit card?

The card replacement fee is P 150.00 and the account holder can file for replacement at any Robinsons Bank Branch near you.

What are the valid IDs accepted upon account opening?

Valid IDs accepted are SSS, UMID, Philhealth, Driver’s License, and Passport.

Is it required to enter or input the Robinsons Rewards account during the account sign-up?

Yes, Robinsons Rewards Account is required during the sign-up or account opening of RRewards. Registration will not proceed if you do not enter your Robinsons Rewards Account. RRewards Savings Account is dedicated for all Robinsons Rewards member that wish to open personal online banking with Robinsons Bank.

Will my RRewards Savings Account be closed if I did not fund it for a long period of time?

Yes, your RRewards Savings account will be closed if not funded after 30 days upon account opening

Who should I contact if I have concerns with my Robinsons Rewards card?

Our team will be glad to assist you. You may send us an email at customercare@robinsonsrewards.com.ph for your concerns.

Where can I see the list of partners?

To view the list of our partners, you may click this link.


What benefits will I receive if I open an RRewards Savings Account?

Robinsons Rewards members will receive 15 Rewards Points (One-time-only) upon successful account opening from September 3, 2020, until October 3, 2020, only.


How do I check my rewards points?

For mobile app users, you can check your updated rewards points balance by clicking the “My Card” tab just to make sure that you are connected to your mobile internet or connected to Wi-Fi. For Robinsons Rewards cardholder, you may check your available points balance at the cashier counter.

Will I earn points whenever I deposit in my RRewards Savings Account?

Yes, RRewards account holders will earn 1 point for every Php 5,000 monthly ADB. And 3 points for every Php10,000 in excess of Php50,000 monthly ADB. A maximum of 1,250 monthly points earning for earned at Php3M monthly ADB.


How do I redeem my rewards points?

You can redeem your available balance rewards points at any participating Robinsons stores and merchant partners. For mobile app users, just present your QR code; for cardholders just present your Robinsons Rewards Card to the cashier together with a valid ID.

Is there a required minimum points balance before I can redeem my rewards points

There is no required minimum points balance upon redeeming your rewards points. As long as you have enough points balance then you can use it to pay for your purchases.

Can I ask a representative with an authorization letter to redeem my rewards points on my behalf?

No, only the cardholder shall transact and redeem their rewards points based on our policies and terms and conditions. 

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