Procedure and Guidelines on opening a RRewards Savings Account

  1. Robinsons Rewards member to log-in / Open Robinsons Rewards Mobile App



  2. Proceed to the [My Coupon] tab and select the banner [RRewards Savings Account]



    Note: Member will be re-directed to Robinsons Bank Mobile App. If the member does not have Robinsons Bank Mobile App installed on the phone, it will be redirected to App Store, Play Store or AppGallery

  3. Once Robinsons Bank Mobile App has been downloaded, Click [Open A New Account]



  4. Choose [RRewards Savings Account] then click continue



  5. Click the [I’m Ready] button to proceed with the registration



  6. Your phone’s camera will be accessed and follow the onscreen instructions then [Tap anywhere] to continue



  7. Select a valid ID to be presented and captured by the system, then click [NEXT]



  8. Your phone’s camera will be accessed again to capture the presented valid ID, then [Tap anywhere] to continue



  9. Personal Information:


    Member will now enter the personal details such as; First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Gender, and Birth Place, then click [NEXT] to continue



  10. Robinsons Rewards Information:


    Member will now enter the “Robinsons Rewards Number” and click [Validate], then click [Next] to continue



  11. Contact Information:


    Member will now provide; Email Address, Mobile Number, Robinsons Rewards Number (Optional) and click [Next} to continue



  12. One Time Pin:


    Member will receive and key in the “OTP” and click [Submit] to continue



  13. Address Information:


    Member enters the Present address, Mailing Address, and preferred bank servicing branch from the selection list, then click [Next] to continue



  14. Signature:


    Member writes his/her signature thru the screen of the phone and clicks [Next] to continue 



  15. Review Information:


    Member will check and review all information entered. Once reviewed, the member clicks the [Submit] button to proceed with the RRewards account sign-up



  16. Thank you!


    A thank you message will appear and informing members that the application has been received. Robinsons Bank will review the application and update members via registered email. Member will then click [Finish] button



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